Incoming Transmission: Transhumanism and the Future of the Human Body (Part 10 – TRANSMISSION ONE)

T R A N S M I S S I O N   O N E: The following is a transcript of a taped conversation found preserved within a capsule floating in the waters that had submerged London, England. It was found by one of our archaeological diving teams.  We are unsure of the date but believe it was recorded some three years before the collapse of Earth’s ecosystem and the establishment of the first lunar eco-base.

Begin Transmission…

A:            Let me frame the question as follows: If you lived on a tract of land that suddenly found itself in the path of an oncoming tsunami wave, such as the one that devastated Indonesia a century ago, I presume you would move inland?
B:             I would.
A:            And if you lived on an island, you would seek another island or another continent?
B:            Undoubtedly I would if it meant my survival.
A:            Would the distance matter?
B:            I would go until my legs couldn’t carry me anymore or I hadn’t any funds remaining.
A:            Now consider this: what nowadays is a distance?
B:            What it always has been – the space between two points.
A:            Is that altogether true?
B:            Why should it not be?
A:            Consider how insignificant distance has become: where messages travel instantaneously from Asia to North America, where a telescope outside of the earth’s  atmosphere sends images and data in no time at all.
B:            I see what you mean.
A:            So let’s return to the scenario… You are leaving your tract of land, or your island. The nearest tract of land appears a long ways off. It is impossible distance away… In a continent you have never seen, but you know is exotic and hot.
B:            I would be reluctant to leave.
A:            Despite the oncoming wave?
B:            My land is my home! You know: ‘home is where the heart is’
A:            And without a beating heart what is a home?
B:            I would be reluctant to leave, but I suppose I must. I would fly to the new continent. The trip then would not be so arduous.
A:            Now, I have not completed the scenario. This exotic continent is barren, devoid of life and alien from the land you are leaving.
B:            You are saying it has no soil? How would I survive without the soil, without the earth?
A:            Consider how insignificant the soil has become in our own day. The trend of genetically grown foods is astounding! Have you tried one of these marvels?
B:            Assuredly I have, although I remain a skeptic.
A:            Of course you do. We will discuss that later. But assume you were to witness a device that could grow vegetation and animal life independent of sexual reproduction. Say, a cow grown in a laboratory without a central nervous system?
B:            The mere idea of it is horrific. Who would think of such a thing? I would have to divorce myself from my allegiance to sexual reproduction.
A:            It is this choice or else you and all your progeny die.
B:            Then obviously I would eat the unholy meat.
A:            The meat could save you.
B:           Where, by the way, is this mysteriously distant and barren continent that bears no vegetation or meat?
A:            Look above.
B:            And where is the apocalyptic wave?
A:            Listen to the silent sea. It is about to wash in.

…End Transmission


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