Dreams of 20/20 (2007)

We find a veritable circus freak-show, led by the conjoined twins Homo-sapien and Homo-silicon, a monstrous hybrid with two fleshy arms and a hundred million invisible ones.

Behind it follow a cohort of schizoids, individuals whose entire bodies can shift and contort at their whim. At the beginning of their entry into the circus ring they are practicing ballerinas, tip toeing silently, causing an onslaught of digital camera flashes.

As the cameras flash the circus ring ceases to become the discrete place it appeared to be. Many of the cameras have sent images of the schizoids to their friends and families – whose vision is no longer 20/20 but 2020/2020. As they remotely peer into the circus ring the circus tent envelops their own location. They send a digital image back and their location envelops the circus tent.

The two spaces begin to overlap. Their bodies remain in place (in-place) yet place is now synonymous with space. Place fades into the background. Place becomes archaic and pre-modern. The term ‘place’ remains in use yet its connotation and meaning alters significantly. Where we ‘are’ is no longer simply where our ‘bodies’ are, for our body is no longer simply flesh and blood. Our bodies are networked, our senses projected and amplified. Our vision is no longer 20/20, but 2020/2020.

Suddenly, amidst the digital flashes, one of the schizoids becomes confused and bumps into the conjoined Homo-sapien /silicon twins. They fall, dispersing the hay that covers the ground of the circus ring.

Suddenly the crowd has a shocking revelation: The circus ring does not rest on the ground, but on the backs of thousands of bodies. The digital flashes stop. No one moves until the hay once again covers the ground.The circus continues, and the crowd cheers again.

These monstrosities are conditional upon the labour of the developing world, yet their appetites are not simply for Chinese or Indian cuisine. This is merely what they have been weaned on. Their dead wastes return to these areas as well, where there is a cyborg-class of a different and more unfortunate sort: barefoot children pulling transistor pins out of their bleeding feet and their mothers desperately attempting to stop the flow of blood.


~ by dccohen on February 11, 2010.

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