January 28, 2011 Technology Roundup: Layar’s Augmented Reality 2015, Digital Music Sales Tumble, What is Wikileaks, Pico Projectors, Jaron Lanier in Toronto, Ancient Body Clock, Manifest.AR, Year of the Tablet?, What the Pope thinks about Facebook & More!

Layar shows us augmented reality 2015 at the World Economic Forum
(Source: WTTF Blog, January 26, 2011)
Layar struts its stuff at Davos… “It’s 2015, You wake up in the morning, it’s a beautiful day in the Spring, you put on you’re augmented reality glasses and you walk outside…”

Growth in digital music sales tumbles despite piracy crackdown
(Source: CBR, January 21, 2011)
“Growth in global digital music sales has gone down in 2010 despite the clamp down on piracy aiding websites, according to a report by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).”

Jason Pontin: Secrets and Transparency – What is Wikileaks, and what is its future?
(Source: MIT Technology Review, January 26, 2011)
A long article where Jason Pontin attempts to make sense of the whole Wikileaks issue. I haven’t finished reading this yet, but I do like what I’ve read.

An Even Smaller Pocket Projector
(Source: MIT Technology Review, January 25, 2011)
“A device just six millimeters thick can project images onto nearby surfaces.” We’ll eventually see these Pico Pocket Projecters in our smart phones, but not until 2012. I still think that, despite the fact that small screen size of the iphone isin’t an issue with ipads,  there are a ton of uses for these projectors.

Jaron Lanier and Tim Wu to Speak at Rotman School on April 28, 2011 for the Third Annual Globe and Mail Open House Festival
Tickets are a little bit steep ($100) but you do get three books and a ticket to the cocktail party!

Ancient body clock keeps all life on time: studies
(Source: Reuters, January 26, 2011)
There’s something eerie about this article… “Scientists have identified the mechanism that controls the internal 24-hour clock of all forms of life.”

My Virtual Girlfriend is Real World Creepy
(Source: Kotaku, January 26, 2011)
“It seems we here in the U.S. are sliding down the slippery slope toward the kind of infatuation with virtual and stuffed girlfriends that are so popular in Japan.”

(Source: http://www.manifestar.info, January 24 ,2011)
Description: If you’re into this sort of cyberart, academic cyber-festo type stuff, this will interest you. “AR Art is Anti-Gravity, it is Hidden and must be Found. It is Unstable and Inconstant. It is Being and Becoming, Real and Immaterial. It is There and can be Found – if you Seek It.” You know… It’s just like you’re in first year cultural studies all over again.

Mutant mosquitoes: Malaysia release of genetically modified insects sparks fears of uncontrollable new species
(Source: Daily Mail, January 26, 2011)
“Malaysia has released 6,000 genetically modified mosquitoes into a forest in the first experiment of its kind in Asia aimed at curbing dengue fever.”

2011 will be the year of the tablet (but don’t say goodbye to your laptop)
(Source: Globe and Mail, January 27, 2011)
Duncan Stewart of Deloitte gives an indication of the future of tablet sales: “Tablet sales look to rise 400-500 per cent this year, across various sizes and manufacturers, and many large companies are going to be buying their employees tablets: at Deloitte we are predicting that 25 per cent of 2011 tablet sales will be to enterprises and government.”

This is Obama’s State of the Future
(Source: Gizmodo, January 25, 2011)
Obama talks about America’s technological horizon during his January 25th State of the Union address.

Does 3-D Hurt Our Brains?
(Source: BBC dot.Maggie Blog, January 25, 2011)
Interesting to read the few comments here to get an idea of the public sentiment for/against 3-D.

Pope gives social networking his blessing but warns of risks
(Source: Globe and Mail, January 25, 2005)
“Pope Benedict gave a qualified blessing to social networking on Monday, praising its potential but warning that online friendships are no substitute for real human contact.”

Debate: Who Controls the Future of TV?
(Source: Globe and Mail, January 24, 2011)
“The battle for viewers is heating up as broadcasters fend off online services that sidestep the cable and satellite system.”

Men absorb less information from sexy newscasters
(Source: Toronto Star, January 26, 2011)
Shouldn’t come as a surprise: “Men are less likely to retain the information relayed to them by sexually attractive news anchors than those deemed less sexually attractive, new research says.”


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