February 4, 2011 Roundup: Stream Live from Egypt/Middle East; Synthetic Veins, Skin and Meat

1. The situation in Egypt is unfolding by the minute. Looking for Live / Streaming News? Below you can watch some of the finest (mis)information and propaganda the world has to offer, from none other than your hot-headed friends in the Middle East. Night is falling, and it remains to be seen whether the Mubarak regime’s thugs will attempt to regain control.
Al Jazeera (English)
BBC News (English)
Press TV (English Language version of Iranian TV)
Al Arabiya (Arabic from UAE)
IBA (English from Israel)
Google’s Crisis Response Egypt Page

So should you check out the links above or do something more inspiring? Why not ask Goethe? In his autobiography Goethe relates his indifference to the Revolution of 1789: “In our little circle, we took no notice of news and newspapers; our object was to know Man; as for men, we left them to do as the chose.” Just thought I’d throw that out there in a non-partisan way.

A trio of synthetic body links

Coming Soon: Ready Made Veins (Source: Toronto Star, February 2, 2011)
“Surgeons may soon be able to reach into the fridge for ready-made veins and arteries to transplant into their patients … ‎Replacement blood vessels that can be mass-produced, stored for a year and replicate real ones in their strength and function are ready for human trials, the author of a new study says.”

Spray-On Skin Gun Heals Burns in Days (Source: Huffington Post, February 2, 2011)

Would You Eat Meat That Was Grown in a Lab? (Source: Globe and Mail, February 1, 2011)
I’ve been saying for years that if this ever became a reality people wouldn’t think twice before making synthetic meat a regular part of their diet. “Thirty percent of the earth’s land surface area is associated with producing animal protein on farms … Animals require between 3 and 8 pounds of nutrient to make 1 pound of meat. It’s fairly inefficient. Animals consume food and produce waste. Cultured meat doesn’t have a digestive system. …. Further out, if we have interplanetary exploration, people will need to produce food in space and you can’t take a cow with you.” Cool! Future headline: KFC announces $1.39 ‘synthetic meat’ value meal options.


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