My name is Dustin Cohen. I live in Toronto, Canada and am interested in thinking about technology in new ways. You can should contact me at cohendustin@gmail.com.

This is my personal blog. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and do not reflect those of my employer, or anyone else…



6 Responses to “ABOUT ME”

  1. Hi, Dustin:

    I stumbled across your page when searching for an image that Donna Haraway uses that depicts Michelangelo’s Adam as Eve touching a computer screen (instead of the hand of God). I want to use it in a presentation I’m preparing on a paper entitled, “The Disembodied Pedagogue: Producing Education in the Digital Age.” Much of what you have here (and I have only begun to skim the site) is right on track with what I’m doing in my paper. Very interesting, very timely. Thanks for your efforts!

  2. love the blog! keep it up!!!

  3. Awesome blog. Pulls no punches. Great ideas and timely.

  4. great blog.

  5. …pacificaCOGNITARIA /\o/ was ‘ere…

  6. Dustin, I very much enjoyed your analysis of my article on Second Life (Humanizing the avatar)! Your thoughts are very articulate and intriguing!

    Handan Vicdan

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